Brokerage contract

We always conclude a brokerage contract with our customers for legally compliant cooperation at eye level. In the following we would like to introduce you to the individual components. Please note, that our brokerage contract is only available in German language.

Grundlagen der Zusammenarbeit

Basics of cooperation

Here we explain how we work. You can get a first impression of our performance promise and our philosophy and decide whether it fits your needs.


Initial information

With the statutory initial information, we provide you with important basic data about our company. This includes, among other things, what legal bases our work is subject to and whom you can contact in the event of discrepancies.


Brokerage contract

The actual brokerage contract contains the rights and obligations of both contracting parties. Among other things, it tells you about life events you should inform us about for optimal advice and what services you can expect from us.


Power of attorney

As part of our cooperation, we offer you an extensive service. In addition to advising and processing applications, we coordinate e.g. Address and bank details changes or damage reports. For this we need a power of attorney from you in order to be legitimized against the insurers.


Data protection

We process sensitive data from you, e.g. Information about your medical history or income data. We take the protection of your data very seriously, of course. For this reason, our data protection declaration regulates in detail how we process your data and what rights you have.

The complete brokerage contract is available for download on the left button.


Yes. We provide very extensive services for you. These include Advice, risk analysis, the complete processing of insurance contracts and support in the event of a claim. To do this effectively, we need sufficient room to maneuver to communicate with the insurers. You give this to us through the brokerage contract.

It also regulates the rights and obligations of both parties. Without these regulations, there would be unnecessary legal uncertainty for you and us, which we want to avoid in the interests of everyone.

No. Our remuneration is already factored into the insurance premiums and is paid to us by the insurers. Our service is therefore not associated with additional costs for you.

In some cases you can conclude a fee agreement with us at your own request. The fee then usually replaces the commission and makes your insurance product cheaper. Fee agreements are the exception and will in any case be discussed in detail with you in advance.

Our brokerage contract does not provide for a notice period for you. If you want to end this, you can do so with immediate effect. We want to convince with quality and service. Should you not be satisfied and want to leave us, we will not bind you to us in the long term through contractual clauses.

No. Your contractual conditions do not change, not even the insurance premium. Only the supervisor of your contracts printed in the policy will be adjusted by the insurers.

Our service is very extensive. For example, we communicate in the event of a claim, with the insurers, craftsmen or lawyers. In some cases, we also use the direct line to your tax advisor to request the data and documents required for insurance or financing contracts. For this, however, we need your approval as part of the broker’s proxy.

If you do not want to grant part of the power of attorney, we will of course accept it. Depending on the scope, however, certain services may be restricted.

No. If you wish, you can continue to communicate directly with the insurers. However, we would be happy to do the communication for you. Thanks to our experience and contacts, we can regulate many things very quickly and efficiently.

No. With the power of attorney we can know how to apply for rights or for reporting. Overwhelm yourself with property insurance with a responsibility of one year.

We can neither own nor terminate life and health insurance. Your signature is the cause of this and that is a good thing.

Unfortunately that is not possible. There are some insurers who generally do not work with insurance brokers. We have that at <strong><a href=” Fremdversicherern/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>https: // Fremdversicherern/</a></strong> described in detail (German language). In addition, there are some insurers who do not offer any relevant added value for most customers. However, if we find that insurers with whom we do not yet work offer special tariffs or services, we will also strive to work with them in the interests of our customers.